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Mobile marketing is critical, and we’ve got the stats to prove it

Mobile marketing is the future. Any marketer today knows that one of the most important keys to future success is adapting to and optimizing for the mobile market.

Person holding phone representing customer service.

Mobile marketing is the future. Any marketer today knows that one of the most important keys to future success is adapting to and optimizing for the mobile market. Just look around next time you’re in a public place – you don’t have to look far to find someone with their head down and nose buried in their smartphone.


Spoiler alert: your brand needs to be accessible on mobile

While that fact may seem obvious, what may surprise you are these mobile facts compiled by Business 2 Community:

  • Marketers in the U.S. increased mobile advertising spending by 50% over 2014 to $28.72 billion in 2015. (MediaPost)
  • 57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (Payfirma)
  • 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. (Payfirma)
  • 73% of all the people on earth (5.2 billion) are mobile phone users. 40% of those (just over two billion) own smartphones. (Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends)
  • 44% of millennials use their smartphones’ camera or video functions at least daily; an astounding 87% use those features at least once per week. 76% share photos and video on social media. (Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends)
  • Mobile accounted 45% share of US organic search traffic in the first part of 2015 (based primarily on retail / B2C client data). The iPhone (18%) and iPad (12%) alone contributed a combined 30% of organic search traffic. (e-Strategy Trends)
  • Two-thirds of all U.S. emails were opened via mobile in the first quarter of last year. Half were accessed on smartphones, and 17% occurred on a tablet, with the remaining 33% being opened on your traditional desktop. (V3 Broadsuite Blog)


  • The iPhone is the single dominant mobile email reading device, but its users spend the least amount of time looking at individual emails. Mobile devices drive more opens but far fewer conversions (example: iPhone: 42% of opens, 18% of conversions). (MarketingLand)

What are you waiting for?

Despite mobile’s projected growth, the impact of it as a marketing technique is still relatively difficult to measure. Although, with the new innovations in technology happening everyday, measuring mobile should be easier in the near future. Regardless, the mobile landscape offers ample opportunities for marketers.


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Nichole earned a Master's in Sociology from Texas State University and has publications in peer-reviewed journals. She has spent her career in tech and advertising. Her writing interests include the intersection of tech and society. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Communication and Media Studies at Murdoch University.


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