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Reply is the new tool your sales team will be raving about

(REAL ESTATE MARKETING) Reply is a new tool that can help you keep your sales management system rolling with exciting features with more to come.

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What’s your sales team’s biggest challenge?

Finding new leads, following-up with prospects, and maintaining a steady line of communication all while analyzing what’s working and which aspects of your sales sequence need improvement is a hefty order for most teams. In order to stay on top of your sales goals and keep your team from going insane, your business needs a hell of an organizational system.

Reply is a powerful sales engagement platform that could be the solution to your sales team’s struggles. A scroll through Reply’s website will give you the run down on what is a near dizzying number of features.

Reply helps teams manage the complex task of engaging with prospective leads by integrating all the organizational systems you need to keep your team on track.

According to its founder, Oleg Campbell, Reply was created with efficiency in mind, “we created Reply that automated personal emails and follow-ups and allowed sales reps to get in touch with more prospects faster and in a much more effective way.”

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Reply allows you to engage with leads via personal emails, calls, social touches, and tasks all by using their multichannel sequences. Users can create a step-by-step sequence for leads and schedule out individual tasks. The task dashboard and Cloud calling system then allow users to speedup the sales workflow by automating calls and tasks. Users can then use the analytics and statistics features to help fine-tune their sales sequence.

Reply offers a wealth of additional features on their platform to help your team automate the sales cycle. Email and sequence templates, email A/B testing, native CRM integrations, and custom caller ID are just a few of the features listed on their website.

Beyond their organizational treasure chest, Reply has launched a Chrome extension that makes it easier to discover new prospects anywhere on the web. And, if your business is looking for a little help building prospect lists, Reply utilizes third-party services to assist users in finding prospects for outreach campaigns.

It sounds almost too good to be true and from the looks of it, they’re far from done. Some upcoming features include LinkedIn integration and calls analytics. Reply offers a 14-day free trial, so give it a shot and let us know if it’s worth the hype.

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