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The coolest $5 app every real estate pro will want

This kick ass video app has just launched a private label option, making it not only useful, but marketable. Video just got a trillion times easier, folks.

Research indicates that video is the most influential communication tool for both baby boomers and millennials. Studies from ComScore show that consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a related video, and they tend to retain more content from videos than text messages.

Yet despite the usefulness of video as a sales tool, most real estate professionals find the shooting and editing of live videos to be too time consuming and complicated. Instead, agents send texts or emails with photo attachments and written explanations.

REclarity, the mobile video message app, enables agents to utilize video without all the challenges of producing live media. Real estate agents can make professional videos and share them with clients via text, email, and social media sites. Agents can also upload videos to YouTube, and later embed them into real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, VRBO, and HomeAway.

How the app works

While attaching pictures via text and email can be a hassle, REclarity eliminates the need for long, wordy messages and multiple attachments. Real estate professionals can make videos with narration, customized photos, and touchscreen gestures to better convey their message in an engaging way.

To create a video through REclarity, agents just take pictures of their property on their iPhone or iPad, then record a Zoom and Point (ZAP) Video Message by narrating and using touchscreen gestures to zoom, point, and swipe. In the resulting video, clients will view property photos as the agent talks and interacts with important details by zooming and pointing.

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ZAP technology allows agents to naturally interact with each photo and better convey their message.


Private label program launched

Recently, Jigsaw Informatics launched the REclarity Private Label Program to give real estate firms the ability to license a branded version of the REclarity app.


The REclarity Private Label promises professional and customized branding on each video, making it a great tool for brokerages that want to reinforce their brand. Customer-specific branding in videos is meant to increase the overall impact of the video and strengthen the brand association in clients.

Texas Home Group was one of the first firms to adopt the REclarity private label for its 300 plus agents. The company reports great satisfaction with REclarity so far, and is happy with professional look of the personalize brand.


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