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Wildly expand your Twitter presence with Flock, in only five minutes a day

Got a Twitter but don’t know where to go from there? Enter Flock: a tool for any agent that helps you target and engage your audience.

The first question most people tend to ask when they start using Twitter for business purposes is “What should I tweet?” And while coming up with enough quality content is the first step to success on any social media channel, the second question is just as important: “How do I find clients?”


If you Tweet, will they follow?

This is where many people get stuck. While you can start by letting your current clients and contacts know that you’re now on Twitter, as well as by following people strategically in hopes of garnering some engagements and increasing your followers that way, this tends to result in painfully slow progress.

It may seem like all that hard work you put into crafting and scheduling your tweets is all for nothing, but the reality is there are a multitude of people out there in the Twittersphere already talking about the products and services you provide. The trick is to find them.

Target your audience

Flock is a new social media tool that will soon be launching in Beta to help you “discover the Twitter audience already interested in you” by locating users who are tweeting about topics relevant to your company.

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Once you’ve found your target audience, you can begin to engage with them in a valuable way in an effort to gain followers. And Flock claims to help you do this “in just 5 minutes a day.”

twitter flock followers

Analytics and scheduling

In addition to helping you find your target Twitter audience, Flock will also provide a scheduling tool and analytics. Since there are a number of social scheduling tools on the market that are several years ahead of Flock, this isn’t likely to be where the tool’s true value lies.

However, the analytics tool will provide at-a-glance updates, progress reports, and audience insights, all of which could prove hugely beneficial to tracking your Twitter performance and determining what outreach activities are driving the best results.

A necessary tool for any agent

With 304 million active monthly users, chances are there are hundreds of thousands of users talking about exactly what you have to offer. And if Flock can make it easier to find those people then it will be a welcome addition to any social media marketing arsenal.


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Rebecca Hansen is a content strategist with a background in digital marketing who loves helping companies create engaging content. She also runs the lifestyle website Salt City Style and firmly believes that there’s nothing that good food, good wine, and good friends can’t fix.


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