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7 Android apps for the productivity obsessed

As a real estate professional, you’re busy, so we’ll get to the point – these free apps will help you to reclaim some time, so download and enjoy!

We’re all about efficiency. From the cars we drive to the computer operating systems we use – if it will help us get the job done quickly and exceptionally, we want it. You spend your day in the field answering endless calls and emails, rushing from house to house, and every minute you can reclaim is a win. For this reason, AndroidPit compiled a list of the best free Android apps of 2015, but to save you time, we’ve profiled the seven apps we think will save you the most time and money. Feel free to whet your app-etite with any or all of the following.

1. Action Launcher 3 – A utilitarian blend of an app library and your contact list, AL3 organizes all of your apps into one easy, alphabetized list, available at the swipe of a finger. This basic function will allow you to view and use apps in an organized fashion; though it seems low-profile, Action Launcher 3 will save you buckets of time in the long run.

2. Podcast Addict – If you are one of the many that prefer to hear the news rather than reading it, Podcast Addict is the app for you. A simple interface and virtually endless possibilities for access make this app a no-brainer.

3. Unclouded – For those of you that have trouble remembering exactly how many fingers you have on a hand (I’ll be the first to raise mine), keeping track of your various cloud accounts—especially when they’re linked to email services or desktop apps—can be an exercise in futility. Unclouded consolidates all of your account details in one app, allowing you to access, modify, and download data from any account signed in. You’re only making your life harder without Unclouded.

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4. Drupe – Despite a name that makes it sound like the most recent brand of recreational drug from Ukraine, this app is simply outstanding: it combines your contacts in one column with your messaging services in the other. Emailing, Facebook messaging, texting, and more are all accessible by simply dragging the contact’s icon over to the appropriate messaging service. Basically, Drupe is cool, and everybody should be doing it.

5. Evernote – A productivity tool that makes Apple’s notepad look like a dead squirrel by comparison. With Evernote, you can save notes, voice memos, snapshots, and even handwritten reminders. Better yet, it works in conjunction with your laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices to keep you updated and informed on-the-go.

6. Greenify App Hibernator – Efficient battery life on smartphones? Stop daydreaming. Even though we probably won’t be seeing any supernatural battery life on our bricks any time soon, Greenify does its utmost to keep your phone from sucking up all that juice running apps and processes you don’t need. This app puts other power-draining apps to sleep if they lay dormant for too long, both relieving you of the responsibility of killing them (show of hands for the lazy bums in the room) AND keeping your Android running at optimal capacity for as long as possible. This is another no-brainer app.

7. Pocket – This app allows you to save any articles or sites you wish to peruse in what is essentially plain-text format on your phone, offline and ad-free. It’s a brilliant sourcing app, and the lack of visual noise when reading will sincerely improve your overall productivity.

Honorable mention: While it isn’t really the most important item in any list, I feel obligated to mention Skype, as it remains the most efficient video and audio-conference provider on the market. It is also (remarkably) still free, so do yourself a favor and grab it when you get a chance.

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