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Evernote Scannable is bridging the gap between paper and digital

(TECHNOLOGY) While scannable apps are nothing new, Evernote’s scannable app boasts extreme quality which makes it a must have.

evernote scannable

Evernote ever helpful

Evernote, the company known for helping us capture what’s on our mind is not just about note taking. With its Scannable app, Evernote has launched a mission to make peace between man and paper.

The company claims Scannable is “the best way to move paper forward.”

Here’s how the app works

Download Scannable on the App Store, then grab whatever document you need scanned. Maybe you need to send grandma’s chicken noodle soup recipe or store receipts from your last business trip.

Scannable isn’t picky, just hold your phone over the document and boom, it captures your document in a clean and accurate scan.

Plus, you’re not confined to paper documents. Had a light night whiteboard brainstorming session? Scannable can capture and share your ideas just as easy as a paper document.

The real deal

Scan apps are nothing new, but Evernote is going all out in promising high quality and ready-to-use scans. Here’s their promise:

“Scans are automatically cropped and enhanced, producing crystal clear digital documents.”

I gave Scannable a shot with some of my old apartment lease forms. While I was a bit embarrassed with my chicken scratch penmanship, Scannable at least captured each character accurately. No black blobs or distortions in form entries, which is huge for anyone looking to the app for business use.

Plus, my scanned document weren’t just available on Evernote.

I was able to quickly send files via email or text.

It’s a simple productivity task, but a huge win for Evernote’s quest to bring peace between man and paper.

Besides the basic scan feature, the app can also change the way we collect business cards. Scan a business card, and Scannable automatically turns it into a handy phone contact complete with LinkedIn information and profile picture.


While Evernote has been in a bit of trouble lately due to an uproar over user privacy issues, products like Scannable can bring the company back into good graces. Scannable isn’t anything revolutionary, but it does solve a simple problem in a way that doesn’t create new problems.

Plus, you don’t have to bust the seams of your wallet with another business card.


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Staff Writer, Arra Dacquel is a San Francisco based writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from UC Davis and is currently studying web development. She’s obsessed with tech news and corgis, but not in that order.


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