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Hiver turns your Gmail into a collaboration tool; a must must must have for teams

Hiver is a collaboration and productivity tool that can turn your email into your team’s dream. Organize, assign and complete tasks across the platform, and high five your work pals afterwards. We did it!

In business, time is money. Spending time reading long email threads or ping-ponging with project managers and sales teams can make any process tedious. If you fail to find a way to make your project management, customer service and sales teams coordinated, teams may become disorganized. Streamline your team management with Hiver for Gmail.


Keep your team in the loop

Instead of cluttering team member’s inboxes with every email communication through forwarding, you can now share one email across teams by using Hiver’s labels and contact groups. Now you can share the important communication and assign tasks so everyone is in the loop.

Hiver uses Gmail’s existing label system to allow you to organize, assign and complete tasks across all platforms. You can create labels for teams, and funnel email communication to the labels so your team gets the information in an organized fashion.

The system is designed to share Gmail labels for collaboration, share contacts for sales and support teams, share email templates, and even share notes on individual emails to keep all teams up to date on projects.

Never miss an actionable email

Email clutter can allow customers or project details to fall through the cracks.  By simplifying your team communication, Hiver simplifies the entire process, and also optimizes performance.

Not only can you track communication, you can also use the label system to assign tasks to individual employees.  You would simply label an incoming email as “Task” and assign it to a person or team.  That email will funnel into each team member’s “Task” label.  Team members can then use the notes feature to add information about the project.  Once the task is complete, your project manager can simply label the email as “Complete”.

Managers won’t have to delve through their emails to find which tasks have been completed for the day, they can simply go to their “Complete” label and find out what is done.

Templates, too!

Hiver also offers an email template feature, for those communications that require a templated response.  Team members can have access to these templates and use them for client communication.

If you want to save time, energy, information and your sanity in team projects, Hiver can help you.  There are 4 different pricing options, including a free option for up to 3 team members.


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