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SalesWings might be the best new leads app for your team

There is no replacement for a great sales team, but the Saleswings app is a great way to get the best leads and capitalize on them.


The old adage “time is money” holds especially true in the world of sales. Every second you spend on the phone with a potential client is another second taken away from a guaranteed one; if that isn’t enough nihilism to drive you nuts, consider the fact that some of your most promising clients might not even be on your roster yet.

If you’re encountering the beginning of an existential crisis, take a couple of breaths and put the Nietzsche down: the awkward deus ex machina that plagues your everyday sales might be at an end. Saleswings, a sales monitor and follow-up service, strives to make this whole process exponentially easier through a system of transparency and simple organization.


Organizing clients by potential

The app monitors website views, client information, and other various factors that contribute toward discernible interest. Once gathered, all of this information culminates in one giant “naughty or nice” list of potential customers, with the hottest clients appearing at the top. This allows you to prioritize your calls and get down to business with promising clients while keeping the others on the back burner.

No training required

On their website, they claim that their app demands less than five minutes of your attention per day, with an install time of around seven minutes and no training required. “Bye bye serendipity,” reads one of their subheadings.

A great tool, but don’t throw away your kit

Keep in mind that, while Saleswings certainly provides you with enough information to bag your actively interested clients, that’s about all it does. You can certainly save buckets of money if you use it as it’s intended—that is, as an aid alongside your preexisting apps and services—but you won’t be able to throw away your PC and work from a cardboard box like you might initially believe.

Do better, now

While Saleswings doesn’t claim to be a replacement for real, living operators, it certainly has the potential to serve as a stand-in. Small business owners, employees in the real estate field, and pretty much anyone else whose occupational success hinges on their ability to reach out to highly probable clientele might benefit from the extra edge afforded to them by Saleswings, especially if they aren’t able to afford a full-time web content manager or customer service rep.

Either way, you’d be doing yourself a service by checking out this awesome sales manager at SalesWing.


Jack Lloyd has a BA in Creative Writing from Forest Grove's Pacific University; he spends his writing days using his degree to pursue semicolons, freelance writing and editing, oxford commas, and enough coffee to kill a bear. His infatuation with rain is matched only by his dry sense of humor.


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