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This one Smart Remote basically controls all of your smart devices

The Smart Remote by Sevenhugs isn’t just user-friendly, small and handy, but it is literally a remote control for everything technology-based in your home.

Sevenhugs, a French startup company, creates products that help revolutionize the way people interact with their smart homes, and after rolling out the world’s first smart remote at CES 2016, the company that prides itself on providing an innovative, family-friendly technology experience, became a family name.

The Smart Remote by Sevenhugs isn’t just user-friendly, small and handy, but it is literally a remote control for everything technology-based in your home. From Phillips Lights, Sonos Speakers and Nest Learning Thermostats (and much more), this remote is a one-stop-shop for all of your digital needs. Just think – one solution that controls everything in your house.

Yes, it can find itself

It isn’t just smart either. It’s rechargeable (with a mountable base) AND it features localization technology. Let’s break that down – its 3 connected sockets allow the remote to locate itself within your home. Yes, Sevenhugs has answered your prayers individually. Stop spending hours hunting for what seems like thousands of different remotes associated with your TV, stereo, cable box or HD Player. Because it’s rechargeable, you can also forget needing to replace batteries.

Simply put, this small gift from the gods operates lights, surround sound and thermostats, and well, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg since it has an open SDK. Putting it plainly for those of you who don’t speak tech, this remote has the potential to be compatible with virtually anything. Say hello to longer smart phone battery life (because you aren’t trying to control everything in your house with it). Can I get an amen?

Control literally anything

If that wasn’t enough to encourage you to scramble and get yours, you can also forget having to type, scroll for letters, pick from a list of options or go through a multi-step process. Simply point the Smart Remote at whatever device you’d like to control and click. Yep, it is really that simple thanks to its adaptable touchscreen. In the quick, 2-minute video below, you’ll even see the remote being pointed outside, then reflecting the weather updates.

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I have even more good news… you can get yours 50% off (for a limited time). Since the remote is currently in development, Sevenhugs is selling the first remotes for half the price. According to the Smart Remote’s press release, the company will start shipping this September. Omnipotent smart home technology is nearly in your hands!


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