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Xendo digs through your digital disarray to find what you’ve lost

The move to paperless systems hasn’t kept us from losing files in the Cloud or our assortment of desktop folders – and Xendo has a solution.

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Not too many years ago, real estate office desks were covered with paper, bulletin boards were loaded with Polaroid photos, and genuine metal trashcans overflowed with yesterday’s fliers. Thankfully, the digital revolution has cleared all that clutter out of professional workspaces. Not only have mountains of paper disappeared, but many traditional offices have also vanished as the real estate industry leads the paperless movement.


Never lose another file

One thing, however, remains surprisingly the same. It is still easy to misplace that important project. Even virtual desktops can be messy and unorganized with computer users forgetting where they saved a file or what they named a folder. Today’s real estate professionals are also using an increasing array of cloud-based services. This means their data is spread all over the place, from their own hard drives to servers in Singapore.

This is where Xendo comes to the rescue. This great tool helps users search for data across a wide range of cloud-based services and on their own machines. This is good news for everyone who uses a computer, but especially for busy brokers and agents who are making use of the latest paperless tech.

When you are pursing and serving potential homebuyers, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for work you have already completed.

Instant and thorough search

Xendo quickly searches through emails, documents, tasks, and over 30 popular cloud based services. These include heavy hitters like Office 365, Twitter, Trello, Dropbox, and all the Google products. Xendo can deep search everything from just one location, saving busy agents time and money through improved efficiency. The service also acts as an insurance policy of sorts, protecting users from the insanity associated with frantically looking for critical documents and the stress of needing to reproduce work that cannot be found.

The bells and whistles

Xendo is a free program, but can be upgraded to include many additional features with plans staring at $9.99 per month. It is much more than a mere search platform. Xendo also filters content to improve task efficiency, allows content previews so users do not need to leave the pages they are working on, provides alerts when partners add content, and more.

Xendo helps today’s real estate agents continue to lead the charge away from the paper stacker and the Rolodex. With this high-tech organizer, even the most organizationally challenged computer user can keep up with the competition.


Written By

Stephen St. John is a writer and speaker with a background in business, education, and non-profit ministry. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management and Master's Degree in Theological and Ministerial Studies. Alongside his wife and seven kids, Stephen has lived and worked in North America, Africa, and Asia.


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