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Today, Realuoso is born!

Behind the scenes of the real estate industry.

[notification type=”information” title=”UPDATE”]In 2015, Realuoso evolved to become The Real Daily, and the mission you’ll read about here remains, just under a bold new name![/notification]

We’re bringing modernity to real estate industry news like only we can. It starts with a level playing field, and it stays that way -fair, balanced, and truthful. The world of real estate is made up so many scenes (industries), but there is one segment in particular that we seek to reach -the practicing brokers, Realtors, and associations that support them. That is our focus – to enlighten our audience to the many moving pieces of the industry being influenced by big media, big lobby, and big money.

Many would have you believe that the news is about what they want to talk about, creating the news for money, picking and choosing winners and losers, or making themselves the news – it’s mostly garbage.

So today I welcome you to a new beginning in real estate news – Realuoso. Although it is an extension of The American Genius, you deserved a platform dedicated exclusively to your craft. Realuoso is not a blog, this is hard news with an editorial section, and we will never waste your time with fluff pieces.

Stories here on Realuoso speak for themselves. We’re behind the scenes breaking news, real news that matters, and we invite you to send any story tips our way (we always protect our sources).

Introducing a new layer of transparency

We’ve added a user product ratings system, and we invite all of you that are practicing real estate and using these tools to rate these products yourselves so that when your peers shop for products, they can cut through the noise and get relevant products in the market place, based on your input. We will add 30 new businesses per week, so feel free to suggest one you love or hate, just click Tipsters.

To dig deeper click on “The Expo” in the main menu and sift through the drop down menu for sections, and learn more about how the online expo works (especially if you’re a vendor).

This is the sort of transparency we believe is desperately needed, bad products are news if members are paying for them.

Stick around, we want you to get involved!

Bear in mind that we are in beta (however, the algorithm for product ratings will suspend irregularities, and if you vote twice, congratulations, you simply revoted your own vote).

We’re so happy to have you here that we’re requesting you register as a member for free. We have more features coming in the next few weeks, and registrants are the first to be alerted. The registration system does require phone number and address, but we’re simply asking for your business listing.

If you find a bug, or have a question, simply contact us.

Most sincerely,

Benn Rosales, Founder, Publisher


Blockchain Home Registry: Homeowners can claim a NFT of their property!

(HOMEOWNERSHIP) Blockchain home registry lets homeowners claim a NFT of their property, giving access to a permanent, transferable, historical record.



Man using laptop to look at Blockchain Home Registry

Maintaining a record of real estate transactions on your home can be difficult, even in the digital age. A new company, Blockchain Home Registry is proposing to change that using Web3 technology.

BHR lets homeowners claim a verified NFT of their home, giving them a permanent, secure transferable record of all transactions on the home. The BHR Ecosystem powers integration across the digital highway, pulling data from lending institutions, title companies, utility providers, insurers, and more, to give homeowners more control over their real estate assets.

Why BHR?

Blockchain Home Registry comes to the market from the same people who created Torii Homes, a Boston-based company that leveraged the power of AI with the “personal touch of human-to-human customer service” that the real estate industry is known for.

The next stages of BHR support selling, instantaneous borrowing, and more, as Web3 evolves. BHR has a digital dashboard that makes updating information once the home is claimed. To claim a home, the homeowner must verify ownership, email, and identity through a step-by-step process. Photos of an ID card are required as are photos of the individual making the transaction.

BHR is in its early stages, allowing homeowners to claim their home’s NFT at a special discount.

The future of real estate is blockchain

Blockchain technology is considered immutable, making it secure across the board. It is predicted that this technology could prevent title or mortgage fraud when it becomes more mainstream.

BHR credits itself as being built to scale and putting homeowners at the center of the technology. Web3 technology can transform the real estate industry that is considered archaic in the digital age. BHR is an early innovator that can help homeowners maintain records of their biggest asset.

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RANT: Landlords have a responsibility, and they’re failing

(OPINION / EDITORIAL) When does a landlord’s passive income pass the line? Probably before they sell your personal info, but there’s a lot of frustration before then.



Apparently there’s something about renting out a property that makes it difficult to not be a greasy pile of manure… And I’d really like to find out what exactly that is and help solve the issue.

Decent landlords are rare as hens’ teeth, and as much as I need somewhere to live… Posts like the ones verified in this collection don’t do much to get me on their side.

Landlord posting about giving back the security deposit reluctantly.

See that? That’s the kind of thing you type out when you’re being a butt. Don’t be a butt. Right now is an especially horrible time for it. YES, even if you managed to own multiple successful
properties for years and not have anything in the way of savings somehow.

A particular example of this buttitude (Buttness? Buttery?) comes from a source closer to this author, and while it’s not exactly tying widows to railroad tracks, it’s still pretty gross. You know how with gratis-tier services like Instagram and Twitter and YouTube, since no one is paying up front, the product is the user suffering through ads that barely get vetted or timed properly?

Well imagine that… But with the place you rent.

In essence my source has been getting emails they haven’t signed up for from companies very “close” to the people they’re renting from.

“I started getting emails from this company… about an optional service they sell where you can pay monthly for your packages to be in the on-site lockers. It was adjacent to property management, so I kind of expected it and didn’t complain.

Then, I start getting emails from [redacted] which is a cool feature you can Google, but I didn’t give permission. But it’s adjacent to what I expected, so no biggie.

Then, I start getting emails from [equally redacted, what do they take me for…] which is another cool feature, but not one I gave permission to contact me.”

So yeah, Sourcey’s not only paying rent, they’re being sold.  And that’s not just messed up morally… This is officially a legal issue.

See, according to the CAN-SPAM Act, it’s not actually illegal to buy and sell email lists. However, it IS illegal to allow bulk emails to be sent without the recipients’ explicit consent. Ergo, if there’s no portion of Sourcey’s lease that says ‘Do you agree to allow our affiliates to market to you’, and also an option to say “Absolutely not”, the management company that owns that building is effing up BIG TIME.

This is a really easy law not to mess around with, but unscrupulous landlords and management companies can’t seem to help themselves? Somehow despite deals with internet providers, deals with appliance companies, and deals with whatever demon governs Those Who Will Not Fix Plumbing, the profits made from tenants still isn’t enough. Clearly these people need help, so I’ll help with a little advice for landlords.

Don’t do this.

Now go get something fixed.

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Real Estate Marketing

How people are thinking creatively to make it through COVID-19

(REAL ESTATE MARKETING) People and businesses are extremely innovative and resilient in tough times – here are some examples of stuff you can now do online!



online during COVID-19

The last couple of weeks have brought us lighting speed changes in news and information and a really abrupt adjustment to life with the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19). While some of the swift cancellations of large events, travel, in person workshops or conferences, and then changes in our day to day (oh now everyone works online remotely?) has driven some of us to the liquor store or to hoard toilet paper, others have found ways to quickly provide new solutions to their clientele or adjust their business to the new reality.

A great example is of an Airbnb host in Detroit who decided that after losing 2 months of income in 72 hours that why not offer their beautiful spaces (with a desk area and coffee!) for those who may need a remote place to work and/or lost their co-working space. They quickly pulled together a way to offer day passes – but they didn’t stop there. They brainstormed other ways to promote their locations and “reached out to all the local hospitals and Facebook groups in case traveling nurses or traveling PT’s need a place to stay. Again, you have to get creative if you’re a small business. You don’t get a bailout!

Artists across the board from DJs to painters to late night talk show hosts have created content to engage those who may have children at home and/or are not ok with social isolation and need some interactivity to help lighten the mood or laugh a little bit. Many restaurants/bars/service industries moved quickly to either utilize online ordering platforms (or quickly figure out how they can take payments online) so that customers can still order food/beverages via drive-thru or stop and go pick up.

Mo Willems Is Hosting Free Online “Lunch Doodles” While Kids Are Home From School

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been doing 10-minute hilarious clips from home with his wife and small children helping to film and be his “design department”

Live Streams and Virtual Concerts via Billboard

Museums and world famous institutions have provided tours or live feeds for children to watch from home. Check out these penguins that got a tour of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago thanks to the coronavirus.

Tech companies have also stepped up their services to help with educators who are away from their students and parents who have lost school and daycare. Zoom announced free video services to K-12 schools and insisted this was not time to profit on this disaster. Facebook quickly pulled together information and resources for schools who will be out for a while. LinkedIn Learning selected some classes to offer free to help folks learning new skills in working remotely to stay productive and adaptable.

It may not be easy to quickly move in to being okay with this situation. It will affect and hurt many people and we all are aware that we don’t know in all the ways just yet. These are just some examples of quick movement to adjust and help some turn lemons in to lemonade (with or without vodka, your choice).

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