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8 futuristic devices reveal what’s next for tech

futuristic devices

Technology is moving at a break-neck pace, and looking at futuristic devices and concepts unfolding give us a peek into what technologies we’ll be using next.

futuristic devices

Futuristic devices give us a glimpse into, you guessed it, the future

Many futuristic devices have been unveiled this year in University labs, electronics trade shows, and in inventors’ homes alike, giving us a look into what is next for tech. Most readers here already know that basic technologies like augmented reality are a secured part of our future, but what about some less certain technologies?

There are certainly many untested futuristic devices exciting the tech world that many hope will come to fruition, many of which involve supplanting actual devices such as tablets and smartphones, but is it too soon? In a world where we’re still talking about print media dying, could smart devices be next?

While most of the following devices are in concept phase, not in production, they all have promise of becoming the next big thing, as all are not only exciting, but have the potential to boost business and personal productivity, which truly is the name of the game these days – utility. Fun is great, and fun is fun, but the real money is in adding functionality to life as it currently exists.

8 futuristic devices reveal what’s next for tech

  1. Whiteboard eraser scans board while erasing
  2. Wearable glove is a cell phone… made from a 3d printer
  3. Augmented light bulb makes any flat surface a touch screen computer
  4. Node: the electrical outlet of the future
  5. Microsoft’s futuristic, wearable multi-touch projector
  6. 360 imager photographs, stitches photos together automatically
  7. Make any surface an invisible, full-sized keyboard for iPhone
  8. Samsung turns windows into giant touchscreens

After checking out these eight futuristic devices, which one excites you the most? Which do you think has the potential to make the biggest difference in how you do business in coming years? Were you surprised by the potential of any of the products mentioned above?



  1. Roland Estrada

    January 2, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    1. Lame – Never see the light of day

    2. Lame – Never see the light of day

    3. Semi Lame – Might work for inexpensive retail showcasing

    4. Cool Concept – Would be better as a strip. Otherwise the wire tangle get pretty ugly.

    5. Ultra Lame – Microsoft is famous for showcasing vaporware.

    6. Lame – Single use devices have become less practical.

    7. Lame – Try typing by hovering your fingers and see how long you last.

    8. Cool – Price will eventually make this more viable for the office. You need to honestly ask yourself how you practically apply this to home use. Ask yourself how easy it is to get to any window in your home. Is it cheaper and more practical than just having an LCD screen built into the wall?

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