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30+ new social media tools for the social-tech savvy

June 26, 2014

social media tools

Best new social media tools for the social-tech savvy

I recently presented a session at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference and had just 30 minutes to provide recommendations for all kinds of social media tools for the business professional, so I had to pack a lot into a brief period of time.

Some are free, others are paid, some I have tried personally, others were recommended, so your mileage may vary; however, this list is crowdsourced from social media practitioners in the field, and there are sure to be some you have not heard of yet.”

Try these out, and let us know if the comments how they work for you. And even better, add your own recommendations!

New* Social Media Tools for the Social-Tech-Savvy (session description): Get a run-through of the latest and greatest shiny social media tools. Tools for content curation and creation, for social media management, for metrics and measurement, for storytelling, for mobile, and anything else top of mind in 2014. Bring your own tool suggestions and hear what others are using to maximize, optimize and awesome-ize your social media. *[Note: I know not all of these are new, technically speaking, but many might be new to you. :)]

Now, on to the list!

1. Content Curation

Additional audience suggestions:

2. Social Media Management

Additional audience suggestions:

3. Metrics and Measurement

Additional audience suggestions:

4. Visual Storytelling

Additional audience suggestions:

  • Piktochart – infographic maker
  • IM Creator – simple website builder with tons of cool templates

5. Miscellaneous awesomeness

  • Momentum –  Chrome extention I love – best for focus
  • Medium – best for reading
  • Jelly –  Android/iPhone app – best for killing time, helping people, fun

Maddie Grant, CAE is a digital strategist and culture change consultant at Culture That Works. She's an avid speaker and author of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. Her next book, When Millennials Take Over, is due out in 2015. Find Maddie at


  1. Thanks for the apps. to look at. I have only heard of a few of them so they will be worth exploring.

    • Thanks for following and share 30+ new social media tools for the social-tech savvy Post, I noticed you have mentioned really helpful info!!!

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