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underground worker scouting deepfake images underground worker scouting deepfake images

Tech News

Deepfake attacks and stolen identities are increasing in number on a daily basis, and underground groups are using them as well.

Opal apps on iphone being held by artist Opal apps on iphone being held by artist

Tech News

Opal released the ability to integrate with iOS 16's screen to time to restructure apps in your productivity time.

Roblox on laptop representing Walmart partnership Roblox on laptop representing Walmart partnership

Tech News

The way to reach Gen Z? On their primary form of communication and internet - online. Walmart and Roblox bring just that before the...

Tech News

I don’t remember who said it – it was a general expression about how people find them through long tail searches and then ‘hop-scotch’...

Social Media

Almost Everything Seems Free One of the most interesting things about the current information age and Web 2.0 is the prevalence of “free.” Almost...

Business Marketing

Our Changing Industry We spend a lot of time on discussing new business models, social media, technology, and how we all think the consumer...

Product Review

I remember when I was given my first 2 GB hard drive. I said, “I will NEVER fill that up!”  Now, I’m having a...


I use Outlook. I’ve spent money on Act!, Top Producer (the old one and the new one), I borrowed an Agent 2000 disk and...

How to

I am by no means the tech-whiz of Agent Genius, but I found this do-flicky-thing. AND I found it before Lani.Adjust the figures to...

How to

LinkedIn, the extremely popular professional social networking site, has announced a new mobile version of their site, complete with an iPhone version. Simply point...

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