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17 ways to suck less at marketing in 2013


Marketing is a tough game, even for marketing professionals, but any small business can improve on what they’ve got; here are 17 ways to do just that.


Marketing is tough, but you can do better

Whether we’re talking about what kind of drip marketing campaign you’ve implemented, what print collateral you’ve created, or even what your Power Point presentations look like, we’ve written for years about how to improve upon all of these. There are always excuses that hold professionals back – “I don’t have a budget,” “I’m not good at writing or design,” and our favorite, “I don’t have time.”

But you know what they say about excuses, right? Of course you do. So instead of searching high and low, we’ve done the homework for you and pulled some of the hottest, most popular tips from 2012 that appeared right here on AGBeat. Some are for beginners, others are for the very advanced, but something below will surely speak to you and your business:

17 ways to suck less at marketing

  1. 5 ways to reduce your marketing budget, not your outreach
  2. 3 ways to generate buzz for your business
  3. 3 ways print marketing still beats out digital marketing
  4. How to fill your appointment book with one email
  5. Strategies for timing your email marketing for maximum return
  6. 3 key ingredients of a successful e-newsletter
  7. Top 5 email marketing mistakes you can correct right now
  8. 7 ideas for cross-promotion with other small businesses
  9. How to save time and make money with drip marketing
  10. How to attract or repel consumers with color
  11. How to instantly improve your PowerPoint presentations
  12. Writing copy that gets consumers excited: case study
  13. Science behind using pictures of people in marketing
  14. Marketing hint: people that are moving are also spending money
  15. Bite the bullet and embrace video
  16. How to execute humor in video ads properly
  17. Does my business need a company blog?

Okay, so maybe that is more than 17 tips if you count them one by one, but you get the point. Inspiration can be found all over the place, and having some tips right at your fingertips can help you kickstart your year, so get started now!

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