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Can 3D virtual models of homes make real estate professionals irrelevant?

When asked by a reporter recently if 3D models of homes makes realtors irrelevant, one broker took exception with the assertion and schools the world about this ridiculous notion.

matterport 3D

I have a new way to market my listings. I produce a full 3D model that you spin around like a doll’s house and walk around, viewing a room from any angle, from any place. This is fundamentally different from a 360* panorama or a video tour. With this interactive model, the viewer decides where they will go or what angle they want to view. It is seriously mind blowing.

In fact, I can show you. Below is a tour of my office. The entire shoot took me about 30 minutes – I also shot a 2000 sf house in 90 minutes, but I was just learning.

Notice how you can walk to the back and look behind the counter. Or, walk toward my “phone booth” and see the staircase. You can even walk over to my front windows and check out the view. Try that with a still picture or a video, where you must follow wherever the camera goes. This technology truly makes it as close to physically being there as is currently possible.

Imagine if all the homes listed for sale had this image. Buyers would only need to physically see homes that truly worked for them. Looky Loos could be eliminated. Buyers and sellers both benefit!

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But a news reporter for a national real estate news outlet recently asked me – doesn’t this technology make you, the Realtor, irrelevant?

No. It frees me up for the important work.

My job, my important work, is making money for my sellers and making sure my buyers get the right house at the right price. I do this by being an educator, counselor, cheerleader, negotiator, risk manager, and detective. I am a contract specialist, ego massager, ambassador, and networker. My relationships can pave roads, seal deals and solve impossible problems.

Searching for homes and showing homes is just an activity that happens along the way.

Any technology that makes showing a home easier and more efficient is a good thing in my book. If the public had any idea how much time the average Realtor wastes, researching or showing completely unsuitable homes, they would be shocked.

Here is a sample what I did over the past two weeks- I used deep negotiation skills to craft a winning offer for my buyer against other all-cash offers. Guided my over-eager buyers away from not great homes to finally buy the home of their dreams. Protected my seller from a litigious blackmailing roommate and closed the impossible deal. Was the emotional support for a recent widow forced to sell. Stood up to a bully who tried to take advantage of my seller’s vulnerable position, and won. Closed two transactions at the highest price per square foot in recent history- and both buyers and sellers are ecstatic.

Notice how I do not list “provided access to listing information” or “showed a home.”

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Here is why I am relevant. I guide people through a major transition in their lives. And, I protect them every step of the way. THAT is my job. My very relevant job.

Kendyl Young is Division Chief at DIGGS, and an industry veteran. She has been named to the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, contributed to industry books and speaks about social media and technology. However, her purpose is to help people buy or sell their perfect home in Glendale, La Canada and La Crescenta, CA.


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