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Tom Hanks coffee startup gives 100% of proceeds to Vets

Of all people to get in the coffee train trend (all aboard!), Tom Hanks takes it the farthest by changing lives, one sip at a time

veteran with boots and backpack representing incoming inflation when looking for an apartment that tom hanks is apart of

Tom Hanks is summed up as the perfect actor- Emmys, Oscars, and other awards line his shelves, showcasing the achievements he’s made over the years. He was even awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom some years ago. Other than that, he’s just downright liked. Who doesn’t love the guy, besides some Reddit conspiracy theorists- but we won’t go there. Tom Hanks got to play Mister Rogers. On top of it all, though, he’s now the proud owner of a company that sells ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly coffee! It’s called Hanx, and its mission is to provide support to vets and their families, with every profit going towards charities and organizations that support members of the US military!

The company already has some partners, including Headstrong, Hire Heroes USA, the Bob Woodruff Foundation, and Student Veterans of America. This is an excitement for many, especially those involved in the military community. When Black Rifle Coffee Company debuted, customers piled in, and their coffee is pretty darn good. We hope the same for Hanks’ new brand. 

The public eye usually expects celebrities to find some sort of way to give back, and Tom Hanks is taking the bull by the horns on this one by giving 100% of funds to help military communities. The company writes on its website that they’re proud to support all who have served, past and present. If you’ve been looking for a way to support the US military, this is an option that also gives to you (coffee, of course). Now, there are a lot of great organizations that also give back, but it’s kind of awesome to see from a valued Hollywood celebrity. 

There are three types of coffee available on their website right now including First Class Joe (100% Arabica ground coffee). There are also three types of coffee pods to pick from and instant sticks that just require water. The website is more than just an advertisement for the coffee, though. It features other organizations and brands that help support or are run by active duty military and veterans! 

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