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Homeowners launch sites against Realtor whose affair was caught on cam in their home

When two Realtors were caught on cam during an unauthorized visit to a homeowner’s vacant listing, it went viral, but the homeowners say the media is only telling part of the story.




This spring, a lawsuit between a homeowner and their Realtor went viral, dripping with all of the elements of a salacious story – hidden cameras, a juicy affair, cops, punches, and lawyers. When a Wayne, NJ couple put their home on the market, their Coldwell Banker agent allegedly made an extra key to their vacant house for himself and used it 11 times without their permission. The only problem is that the homeowners were nervous about keeping their alarm turned off per their agent’s instruction, so they installed motion-activated cameras, which their agent affirmed was a good idea.

But then, the agent used the home as a meeting place for him and his mistress of three years, and video evidence supports their having sex on the homeowner’s bed on multiple occasions, even making eye contact with the cameras.

Fast forward to today, and lawsuits and accusations are flying, and the homeowners claim that only part of their story has been told by the media. They are circulating a letter to Realtor executives, expressing that they’re not out to tarnish the reputation of all Realtors, simply looking to tell their side of the story as they battle Coldwell Banker’s lawyers.

The homeowners have launched two websites to tell their side of the story: and

Circulating an explanatory letter

In a letter obtained by, the homeowners are expressing their side of the story, contending that their goal is to right a wrong, not damage the Realtor brand:

Dear Realtor Exec,

You may have seen me on 20/20, Nancy Grace, Inside Edition or perhaps read about me on the Internet or local paper…

My name is Richard Weiner and my wife and I were the victims of the “Coldwell Banker Sex Scandal” (for lack of any better term to call it for the moment).

I’m writing to you today because the media has only picked up on part of the story and I think it’s important for you as realtors and specifically leaders in the realtor profession, to understand the full, detailed story.

When all of this initially happened, we went to Coldwell Banker for help. We wanted to deal with this quietly and not to hurt anyone else. Coldwell Banker slammed the door in our faces and threw us down the stairs.

Before initiating our lawsuit against them, we tried again. We got nowhere very quickly. In my mind, this was going to be a huge media sensation and all of the parties would get sucked right into it. When the first “nanny cam” incident occurred, it was a huge thing. Hence, who would expect anything less from the world’s first “realtor cam”?

The Courthouse News Service picked up the Court filing and on its own, the story went viral around the world in days.

Shortly thereafter, the other defendants in the matter and their attorneys “ran to the media” with false claims of “extortion”. This backfired on them as nobody had sympathy for 2 “professional realtors” breaking into a client’s home with a stolen key. The Judge in the matter, recently threw out their claims – there never was any “extortion”.

To clear my own name (which was tarnished by their false claims), I had to go to the media. It wasn’t what I wanted to do – it was what I HAD to do.

Coldwell Banker, and its parent, Realogy is holding all of the cards here. Instead of taking responsibility for everything that happened, they seem to be under the false belief that THEY are somehow “victims” themselves. This “belief” has halted them from an amicable settlement and continued this “fight”.

I have many realtor friends and they believe that this “fight” has hurt all realtors. For that I am truly sorry. However, my wife and I have been deeply injured by this and I refuse to allow this to happen to us.

What would you do if this happened to you and your family?

Hence, the fight continues. If you have any influence on the folks at Coldwell Banker/NRT/Realogy and you can get them to end this, I would love to sit down and make that happen. However, if they continue to do what they are doing, there will most likely be more media attention and as I predict, the trial will be a media zoo.

I don’t see how any of this benefits Coldwell Banker/NRT/Realogy – but I believe they are stuck in their “strategy” of “frustrating” plaintiffs to “go away” (or considerably weaken their demands). I’ve offered tremendous compromises to them, but they don’t want to accept them.

As you’ve probably figured out, I’m not going to allow them to “beat me and my wife up” and I will continue to “fight back” as long as they hold this terrible attitude.

In preparation for the next “blitz”, I’ve built two web sites (which list details you can’t get in a 4 minute “sound bite” or newspaper column:

This will probably be the first time that you’ve seen the rest of the story come to light – but I think as realtors and leaders in your respective communities that you read all of this.

Please start with the “Our Story” on the site and then go from there.

My apologies in advance for having to send this to you, it’s not a “pleasant” matter. However, you might appreciate how easily some of these things can happen in the industry and perhaps by reading through this it may help you in your respective positions/careers.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and best regards,

Richard Weiner

Lani is the Chief Operating Officer at The Real Daily and sister news outlet, The American Genius, and has been named in the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders several times, co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH and Austin Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.


How to recognize and use free time at work like the gift it is

(PRODUCTIVITY) Free time during your workday can lead to furthering your mind and productivity. Learn how to use it wisely.



Woman writing in journal representing working on a winning business culture.

Clocked in but clocked out

We’ve all had those slow days at work where we’re looking for ways to kill the time until the clock strikes five.

While it can be tempting to use this time to text or mess around on the Internet, there are much better ways to use that free time that will make your future so much easier.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

First off, tidy up your workspace. Papers and items have a way of accumulating and may be distracting you even if you don’t realize it. By organizing your stuff and throwing away what you don’t need, you’re able to breathe and focus within your workspace.

It also does wonders for your work brain to clear up your email inbox.

Once that’s all done, plan out the rest of your work week. Make a list of the major goals you’d like to accomplish and then a sub-list of how you’ll knock those goals out. Update your calendar and make sure everything is on track.

Social media, networking, and research

It’s also beneficial to use this downtime to further yourself and your organization. Three ways you can do this is through: social media, networking, and research.

If you have access, take some time to look through your company’s social media and see what can be done to enhance it. Either throw up some posts yourself or pitch ideas to the social media manager.

Networking can be done in this small amount of time by sending out “catch up” emails to old colleagues, “welcome emails” to new clients or introduction emails to LinkedIn contacts.

Send them a “how’s it going?,” tell them what’s new with you, and see what they have going on. You never know where networking can lead so it’s always good to stay in touch.

With research, see what the latest trends are in your field and study up on them. This may give you new ways to look at projects and tasks at hand. And, it’s always beneficial to have continued learning.

Get Smart(er)

While on the subject of continued learning, take this time to mess around with something you may not feel completely knowledgeable of. Maybe dig around RPR data, perhaps practice using different computer programs it is never a bad a idea to nourish your brain.

Having free time during the workday is something of a gift. If you can help it, try not to waste it.

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Bill Gates’ big regret of a simple command haunts him, what haunts you?

(EDITORIAL) If BIll Gates is still living with a big regret, it’s time to ponder your own, your own humanity, and consider moving past it in a healthy way.



bill gates

It has come to light that Microsoft founder Bill Gates regrets some of the original design decisions of the PC. Namely, the CTRL+ALT+DEL command that allows you to log in to the computer, due to its lack of simplicity when trying to access a key part of a computer’s operating system.

I know Mr. Gates probably has other regrets when looking at the span of his more than thirty years involvement with being associated with one of the most profitable companies in the world. I am assuming that you also have some regrets you have also in regard to your own business and/or career.

We all do.

According to psychologists, regret occurs when an something perceived as an error is made that has some personal accountability tied to it. If you’ve ever been a part of a business team, supervising employees, or been the boss, you’ve had a wealth of personal accountability. And, since you’re human, you’ve definitely made some mistakes.

One of my former bosses told me after a long day, in which I made some mistakes: You did the best you could have with the information you had. More than likely, if you’re agonizing about that mistaken car reservation or wrong decimal point, you made a normal human error. Even if it isn’t a small day to day thing, but perhaps a big issue with some big consequences, you can move on from that. It will be okay.

A great way to move on from a failure or mistake in business is to use the situation as a lesson for the future. Chances are, if you’re a team leader who messed up a relationship with an agent, you will have more agents in the future to avoid that error with.

Learning from your mistakes, and using your errors as fuel to increase your motivation for the next project, is a great way to deal with regrets healthily. If you don’t process your regrets, you can deal with a wealth of mental and physical health problems like chronic stress, depression, and damage to the systems that regulate your hormones.

You will have mistakes, but those mistakes have gotten you to this point in your life. It’s impossible to guess how your life would change if you were able to go back and fix that one thing that feels like a turning point in your business life. Living in spite of regrets is one of the hardest challenges in life to face, but just like Gates, you will accept the past and move on.

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Working Woman’s Wife: on-demand assistants for busy female brokers and agents

Austin startup, Working Woman’s Wife, offers on-demand help for ambitious female executives juggling work and home life.



working woman's wife

Over the past half century, women have made enormous strides into the workplace, including previously male-dominated professions. More than ever, women are serving as executives for major organizations, starting their own businesses, and finding success in the world of real estate.

Unfortunately, women’s success in the working world has not been counterbalanced by a reduction in their responsibilities at home. Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Labor last year reveal that women are still doing the vast majority of housework, including childcare, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping for household amenities.

On an average day, half of all women are completing chores and errands, while only 19 percent of men are contributing to running the household.

Even when men do pitch in, they tend to spend less hours on housework, while women often cut into their work time or overbook and overstress themselves to manage both their careers and their households.

Helping ambitious women every day

An Austin-based startup wants to help ambitious women who “have long been without the advantages wives have provided to men.” The Working Woman’s Wife is an all-around personal assistance and concierge service fulfilling many of the housewifely functions that have long given men a leg-up in the business world.

According to the Working Woman’s Wife, women complete an average of 18 hours per week of unpleasant and unpaid work, which means they have less time to advance their careers or spend quality time with their families.

When you hire a “wife,” she will complete many of these tasks for you, including office task such as emails and data entry, organization of your personal spaces or office, pet care, party planning and cleanup, cooking, laundry, running errands, personal shopping, and chauffeuring. They can even hang out at your place until the repairman shows up, so you don’t have to waste half a day of work taking care of a household problem.

How pricing for a “wife” works

Wives are available by purchasing packages of hours in increments of 30, 60, 80, or 100 hours per month, starting at $900 per month. Currently the Working Woman’s Wife serves the Austin, Texas area, but they are hoping to open chapters in Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Boulder, and the Silicon Valley.

Busy women brokers, real estate agents, and executives could obviously benefit from having someone take care of all of the “little things” that so often burden women who could be making more money, advancing their careers, and relaxing, if they had the time.

However, I can’t help but wonder who will be helping your “wife” run her own household while she is busily tending to yours. It’s great to see women wanting to help out other women, but maybe it would be better if men would step up to the plate. In lieu of $900 per month, perhaps you can convince your hubbie to pick up some of the slack instead.


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