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Tubular is here to help track (and improve) your sales pipeline

(TECH NEWS) Tubular is a quick to adopt, easy-to-use and intuitive sales pipeline management tool, perfect for just you or your entire team.

Sales pipeline management is critical for the success of any company that relies on a sales team or sales channel to drive revenue growth. However, good pipeline management relies on sales pipeline software to help sales reps and/or sales managers track and manage individual sales opportunities as well as the distribution of all opportunities.


What is Tubular?

Enter Tubular. Tubular is a quick to adopt, easy-to-use and intuitive sales pipeline management tool. It helps you to track your sales pipeline, tasks and leads, and is built specifically for teams.

The brains behind the tool said on their website, “Our goal is to help our users enjoy a simpler and more productive way of tracking their sales pipeline.”

tubular sales pipeline

And it might prove to be a very powerful sales pipeline management tool, indeed. Especially when it comes to managing the pipeline for your teams. You can quickly add your sales team to Tubular along with your current sales leads. It’s also easy to add new opportunities as they arise. You can store the value, expected close/due date and contact info for each of your leads.

After an opportunity has been created inside Tubular, you can track your team members’ progress towards sales leads.

Tasks can be created and assigned to any member of the team. You can filter by stage, as well as keep track of what each team member is working on. Making updates, such as the status of a deal, can be done in a single click.

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Stay up to date with your leads

Tubular makes it easy to keep a live view of all opportunities available for your entire team. It also helps your team stay up-to-date on sales leads as they progress. You can also add notes and comments to opportunities.

The pipeline management tool can integrate with both Slack and Google Drive. Native iOS and Android apps are also in development, which will give you instant access to your sales pipeline from your desktop, tablet and mobile from anywhere and at any time.

Free to start, and cheap

The good news for startups and growing businesses is that Tubular is free to start. After that, it’s only $9 per team member per month, so it won’t break the bank.


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