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Survicate: Actionable website surveys that actually work

(TECHNOLOGY) If your company is looking for customer feedback, a great resource to consider is Survicate– a service that automates surveys to appear when customers access your company website.


Collecting customer feedback can be a frustrating and difficult task. Engaging your customers enough for them to stop and answer survey questions is always a challenge, and often the unhappy customers are the only people fired up enough to participate. Nevertheless feedback is invaluable to the growth of businesses and their products. Knowledge is power, after all.

If your company is looking for customer feedback, one resource to consider is Survicate– a service that automates surveys to appear when customers access your company website. Survey questions appear like mini pop-up chat boxes on the bottom right corner of your website.

Once the first question is answered, the next one immediately follows until the survey is completed. Customers can choose to answer them at any point, or they can click an exit button to remove the survey from their page.

People are generally used to seeing Internet chat boxes and pop-ups, so your survey will be unobtrusive and unlikely to annoy customers.

Survicate allows users to customize the survey to match their website, and offers numerous templates for companies that aren’t sure what questions to ask.

For any spontaneous customer comments, you can also add a Feedback Tab on the side of your website, where people can report issues with your website and make suggestions.

Survicate automatically produces an advanced analyze of survey results, so you can review feedback immediately and adjust accordingly.

If you are not receiving enough feedback, or if it is wrong kind of feedback, there are a number of ways to further customize your survey.

You can decide which webpages the survey will appear on, when exactly it appears, and target specific groups of people based on their website behavior, number of visits, language, device type, and more.

For small organizations seeking simple customer feedback, Survicate offers a free product. The prices go up when you begin seeking more services, but why not start out with a free account? Why not ask those burning questions about your competition, your product, and your customers?

Customer feedback will always be an important tool for company growth, and Survicate is a great resource for any brand.

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Hannah is currently a writer and student in Colorado Springs, pursuing her master's degree in Creative Writing at the University of Denver. Before becoming a Staff Writer for the American Genius, Hannah wrote website content and grant applications for a law office in central Minnesota.


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