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Rime brings all of your social media into one stream

(MARKETING NEWS) Rime currently has plenty of big name brands and celebrities, from Rihanna and Hillary Clinton to Mashable and Nike, who have joined.

Depending on the number of social media channels you actively participate in and the number of people you follow on each of those channels, chances are that your social space can feel a bit noisy and disjointed at times. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of that noise could be assembled in a single, neat, and attractive newsfeed?


A solution, or more problems?

That is what the new social media startup Rime claims to have set out to do. Rime is a social network aggregator based in India that “helps you to collect content from multiple social network services into one unified timeline.”

And even though all that sounds nice in theory, having yet another social media platform to sign up for is not the only potential challenge facing the success of this startup.

The main issue with this app is that it does not automatically gather the posts from all the people that you are following on each of the social channels you connect and aggregate it into a singular feed. If that were the case, a one-stop-shop type of social media timeline could potentially to a positive impact on productivity. However, with Rime you are only able follow — and, therefore, aggregate —  the posts of those who have also joined and connected their social profiles on Rime. And you have to find and add them one by one.

There still might be something here

In addition, even though their website talks about how the internet is a place where people can showcase their creations on multiple apps, you can’t upload or post directly in Rime. Which begs the question, “What is the point?”

All that being said, Rime currently has plenty of big name brands and celebrities, from Rihanna and Hillary Clinton to Mashable and Nike, who have joined.

And while none of them have very large followings as of yet, it certainly lends a level of credibility to the startup.

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While Rime, in its current state, does not really offer anything that exceptional or useful for the average user, if they are able to get enough big names using their service there is always the chance that fans will follow suit in yet another attempt to keep tabs on their favorite celebrities.


Rebecca Hansen is a content strategist with a background in digital marketing who loves helping companies create engaging content. She also runs the lifestyle website Salt City Style and firmly believes that there’s nothing that good food, good wine, and good friends can’t fix.


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