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Website Grader tells you in seconds if your site stinks or shines

(MARKETING) Is your website up to snuff? Are you sure? In seconds, this Website Grader can tell you where you have room for improvement and where you shine!

Is your company website beyond riveting, or a total disaster? Like a true friend who isn’t afraid to give an honest opinion and some tough love, HubSpot’s Website Grader will analyze your website and tell you if it stinks or shines.

It literally takes less than a minute, so there’s no reason not to try it. Simply enter your webpage and email address, and Website Grader will analyze your site in four categories: performance, mobile, SEO, and security. You’ll receive a report card with an overall grade in each category, plus each category has a checklist of subcategories that also receive a grade. In this way, you’ll be able to take a detailed look at what’s working well on your site and what could use some improvement.

In the category of performance, Website Grader looks at the factors on your site that will generate traffic, leads, and conversions – and ultimately, more profit for your business. A lot of this has to do with just making sure the site itself loads quickly and smoothly and is easy to use.

Luckily, the tool provides suggestions for improvement if there are elements slowing down your site. In fact, in every category and subcategory by which Website Grader scores your site, there’s a link to an accompanying blog post where you can learn more about how to make your site better.

Besides performance, Website Grader also makes sure that your site looks good and is easy to use on mobile devices, ensuring that the site works well on all sizes of phones and tablets. Website Grader will also let you know how well you’re playing the SEO game. It analyzes the titles, headlines, and meta descriptions on your site to let you know whether human users and search bots can easily find your site.

Lastly, Website Grader will score the security level of your site – both in terms of the security features that protect your site from attack, as well as the ways in which users are assured that your site is trustable and that any information they share on the site will be secure.

Finally, the tool gives you a “what should I do next” summary that gives specific recommendations for actions you can take to improve your site in the areas where you received a lower score. There’s also a link to a free trial of Marketing Hub, a package of tools to help you improve your site.

Take a peek at how The NY Times performs as an example:

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