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Ghost: No more logging in, logging out, switching tabs, or losing work with this cool tool

(MARKETING NEWS) This amazing tool consolidates different browsing sessions into one browser window for your convenience.

ghost browser

For beast mode

When it comes to productivity, the little things matter. For this reason, Ghost Browser — a new project from Loving Cup Productions (a team that lives and breathes productivity)—categorizes your sessions into tab groups within one overarching browser window.


No need to log out to log in

Logging in and out of different social media and email accounts is one of those annoyingly time-consuming tasks we have perform on a daily basis to keep our browsers happy. The annoyance compounds further when your job entails looking at two accounts simultaneously; generally speaking, you either have to log in to different accounts on different browsers, or you have to use a private browsing tab in conjunction with a regular tab.

Ghost Browser more or less nullifies this problem by categorizing your different sessions’ material into color-coded tabs. For example, your personal Facebook account and the pertinent tabs might be blue, while your marketing account might be orange.

Having these tabs right next to each other allows you to quickly breeze back and forth between relevant but separate pages, making things like tech support (and general customer service) a snap.

Ghost Browser also runs on Chromium, meaning you’ll have no problem warming up to the interface and integrating your Google Chrome bookmarks.

Thoughts from a skeptic

While I see no immediate causes for concern with this browser (the company-provided screenshots and media assuage my inherent skepticism), one thing I’m worried about is this: Any piece of technology with a strong central theme immediately puts itself at risk for having subpar basic functionality (take a look at pretty much any camera-focused smartphone out there or the Windows 10 Samsung Galaxy TabPro).

A productivity-centered browser that lacks smooth presentation or an updated interface simply won’t thrive in a market that would absolutely benefit from such an innovative concept.

Nevertheless, the applications for a browser like this are comprehensive, especially when you add other productivity tools (Slack comes to mind) to the mix. Consider a scenario in which you have multiple Slack channels, social media accounts, and email accounts open and completely accessible with a couple of clicks—no log in/log out cycle necessary. Seems almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Try it and let us know

Ghost Browser may have a simple premise from a conceptual standpoint, but it’s going to drastically change the way we approach productivity in the coming years.

At the time of this writing, the Ghost Browser beta is free to try over at their site. Anyone working in a tech-related field will want to give it an honest shot.


Jack Lloyd has a BA in Creative Writing from Forest Grove's Pacific University; he spends his writing days using his degree to pursue semicolons, freelance writing and editing, oxford commas, and enough coffee to kill a bear. His infatuation with rain is matched only by his dry sense of humor.


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