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google cardboard vr

inVR is a community for VR artists to upload and share the experience they created

February 11, 2016

google cardboard vr

The newest platform

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular, with many people creating their own content. inVR is a new platform for sharing and discovering user-generated virtual reality experiences. Using inVR, you can upload your VR content once to inVR’s cloud, which then let’s you distribute it to any VR system via the inVR app. The company empowers 3D artists and designers to upload and share their visions with the inVR community.


How it works

Model and animate VR experiences in any 3D package such as Maya, Max, Blender, or Sketchup. From there export an FBX file. Then simply upload the FBX to the inVR cloud.

The inVR cloud makes all the different builds for you, so there’s no need for coding and SDK’s integration.

The inVR app can be launched on any VR device such as Oculus, Samsung Gear, or Google Cardboard. Using the app, you can view your uploads, as well as discover new content by viewing uploads from inVR’s growing 30,000-member community.

The beginning of inVR

The company wants inVR to be the platform for 3D VR and sees it as a more immersive experience than 360 video. Currently, inVR is on the road to achieving that goal, as the app is one of the most popular VR social networks for creators and consumers. inVR was created by Eyal Erez and Alexander Krasij.

The pair met two years ago at Disney Mobile while working on the mobile game, Temple Run: Oz. Both have many years of experience under their belt. With his work in the VFX/Animation industry, Eyal was primed at understanding the challenges of bridging the gap between offline 3D Animation and real-time VR. Alex has his own unique experience and has been involved with independent game development for the past decade.

All you need is cardboard

If you have a Google Cardboard headset, you can check out highly acclaimed VR art that comes from creators around the globe, such as “Walking New York,” which looks at the immigrant experience in Manhattan. The inVR app is available in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. For iPhone users, inVR recommends using an iPhone 5,6 or 6+ with your Google Cardboard headset.

You can join the inVR community by creating an account on their website (


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