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Simplify your team communication for work and play with Memo

(TECH NEWS) Memo is a new communication tool that helps you communicate with your friends, team, and fans in a “smarter way”.

Memo, a communication tool, fuses

Whether you’re planning a team project or organizing your next getaway, there are two things you need. You need a place where you can centralize all your information, and a place for easy communication with the people who need to be in the know, all with minimal distraction.

While there are several ways for you to go about this, this new tool says it is “a smarter way to communicate with your friends, fans and team”. Memo is a communication tool that aims to “reclaim focus in a distracted world” by offering you a technology that makes planning and communicating effective and simple.

Memo for teams
According to the company, Memo can serve as an alternative to email and Slack. The tool offers a “Shared Inbox” feature where more than one team member can read and reply to emails as themselves. This way everyone knows what is or isn’t pending.

To make sure your questions aren’t being dodged by that one person who never answers, Memo highlights your questions in your message. When a recipient replies to your message, your question will automatically show up in the reply so the reader is encouraged to respond. If you need to, you can also comment on specific words or sentences.

Also, live attachments can be shared inline and files can be directly uploaded to Google Drive all within the app. Additionally, you can drag and drop content around in your messages for quicker editing, and you can create email groups to start different conversations.

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Memo for individuals
Planning your next vacation is exciting, but it can be difficult at the same time. The constant back and forth messages of links, photos, and videos can quickly become an organized mess. To stop this from happening, Memo makes it easy to organize, share, and consume all this content.

For instance, instead of having to send your friends long ugly links for hotel bookings or directions, Memo will recognize the link you enter and generate a preview with an image, title, and description. Now, when you revisit all those links you sent a week ago, you won’t have to scroll through a list of links that don’t mean much until you click on them again.

Memo also has several built-in integrations that make viewing and sharing your content with friends and family a lot easier. By simply copying and pasting your YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, Reddit, Twitter, or Google Photos links into your Memo, the app will automatically embed the content for you.

Also, with the tool, you can create a personal contact page where you can direct people to contact you. If you already have an inflated inbox, this can help filter out any unwanted messages. If you’re streaming content across several platforms, this could be an all-purpose message page you can direct your fans to during and even after your event.

Getting started with Memo
To get started with Memo, first sign up for an account. Once you’ve authenticated your account, you can start setting up your greeting page. So you can get an idea of how to go about creating your page, Memo has some sample text to get you started. However, you can also use your own creativity to come up with your personalized greeting. Once you are happy with how your page looks, you hit save, and you can share your page and start making conversations.

Currently, Memo is free for personal use. If you want to get a Team account, you can pay for an annual or monthly plan. Overall, Memo does seem like it can enrich your communication by letting you put all that information you need for your next presentation or vacation all in one easy-to-use platform.

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Veronica Garcia has a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film from The University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not writing, she’s in the kitchen trying to attempt every Nailed It! dessert, or on the hunt trying to find the latest Funko Pop! to add to her collection.

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