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Strayer Education shuts down New York Code & Design Academy in four cities [exclusive]

(TECH NEWS) Strayer Education has shut down the NYCDA program in four cities – what happened and what of current students?

NYCDA sunsetting in four cities

Strayer Education, Inc. acquired the New York Code and Design Academy (NYCDA) in January 2016 for an undisclosed sum, to add the non-degree web and mobile app development courses to their offering for adult education.

We have learned that the NYCDA locations in Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh, and Seattle will be sunsetted after their current cohort graduates from the program.


Strayer weighs in

Jeremy Snepar, CEO & Co-Founder, New York Code + Design Academy tells The American Genius, “Some NYCDA locations, including Austin, Texas, are not offering new classes at this time, which enables us to focus on servicing student demand in our other locations. In Austin, students who are currently taking classes will complete their program in March 2017 and receive our normal graduation services and support.”

NYCDA will still operate in 5 cities

NYCDA courses are still fully operational in Amsterdam, New York City, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, and Washington, D.C. and Strayer Education’s stock performance spiked last October and continues to operate well above previous years.

This news does not impact other Strayer offerings such as Strayer University courses or the Jack Welch Management Institute (MBA program).

What happens to current students?

So what of current students? One source close to one of the cities being shuttered told us they’re extremely dedicated to the success of current students who will enjoy the full program they were offered, including a full showcase day and making sure they’re appealing to employers, not just left in the wind.

That sentiment comes despite the fact that NYCDA staff in the cities of cut programs will be losing their jobs. It appears the current students are in good hands, and this answers the new question of “where did [city] go on the NYCDA website? I was going to apply!”




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