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10 tools for ChatGPT to try today

ChatGPT isn’t even a month old and it’s taken the tech world by storm. Here are 10 add-on’s to try with ChatGPT ASAP!

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Even though ChatGPT isn’t a month old yet, there are already so many tools to utilize! Here’s a comprehensive list of ten of them:

1. ChatGPT Chrome Extension: Access ChatGPT anywhere on the web!

ChatGPT is a Chrome Extension that you don’t have to pay for (yes, completely free.) With this one, you can gain quick access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT on the internet. 

2. ChatGPT for Google: Show ChatGPT responses alongside Google Search results

GPT for Google is a browser extension created to show ChatGPT responses along with Google Search results. It supports Chrome, Edge, and FireFox. 

3. Notes for ChatGPT: Save your conversations in ChatGPT as notes in Zoho

This one can save all your conversations as notes in the “Notebook” application without you having to switch tabs. 

4. Promptheus: Have conversations with ChatGPT using your voice

Use your sparkling voice to talk with ChatGPT with only your spacebar. No typing! Quicker conversations without using your keyboard. 

5. God In A Box: Chat with ChatGPT directly on Whatsapp

Get help from AI on a variety of different topics, from medical care to baking to history. All you have to do is message the bot. 

6. BFF: Or use ChatGPT as your assistant in iMessage

Need a personal life assistant? Well, now you can have one through ChatGPT. You can submit your cell number through

7. Menu GPT: Talk to ChatGPT in your menu-bar

Have a conversation with ChatGPT through the convenience of your menu bar. 

8. Hubble: Use ChatGPT to gather continuous product feedback from your users

This is another research tool powered by AI and you can compile real-life product feedback through it. 

9. YouTube Summarizer with ChatGPT: Exactly what it says!

Gain access to the summary of the YT videos you watch with this tool. 

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10. OpenAI: “Shaping the Future of Technology” 

OpenAI performs research on artificial intelligence with the goal to influence and develop “friendly” AI.

Macie LaCau is a passionate writer, herbal educator, and dog enthusiast. She spends most of her time overthinking and watering her tiny tomatoes.


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