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Bypass app helps reroute around high risk areas

(TECH NEWS) Bypass is a new app that shows you where crime hotspots are so you can roll in safety.

I’ll never forget a number of years ago I was driving through central Florida and, needing gas, I pulled off the interstate at whatever exit was next and immediately pulled into a town that did not seem safe. Now for all I know maybe it was a great town, but it was all I could do to get in and get out. And you better believe I put an asterisk on my map as a reminder to avoid this place.


They’ve got your back

Had apps been around back then it would have been easy to plug in some coordinates and avoid said location, or even better, network with others and share information. Time and technology has caught up with me, fortunately.

A new app called Bypass is a routing application created to keep everyone safe by directing them around high crime risk areas, as well as improve communities by alerting councils to crime-prone areas and suggesting amenities to improve the safety in that area.

Crunching numbers to keep us safe

In their own words, “Bypass leverages machine learning, crunching thousands of dynamic data sets, to continually learn from crime reports, seasonal data and the user’s feedback to track how crime areas evolve and to ensure people are being routed the fastest way around real threat areas.”

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By its own accord, Bypass started as a simple idea of mitigating crime rather than reacting to crime.

The team noticed there were a number of applications providing help during or after an incident, but none that alerted and potentially prevented people traveling through relatively higher risk crime areas.

They realized they could use historical crime reports that are issued daily to create meaningful correlations through statistical analysis, and machine learning to predict high crime areas and route the user around those areas.

Technology and safety

Bypass uses a number of technologies to create an algorithm that maximizes safety and minimizes time when getting to the users destination. Bypass leverages machine learning, crunching dynamic data sets, to continually learn from crime reports and users feedback to track how crime areas evolve and to ensure people are being routed around real threat areas.

As startups go, Bypass has your best interests at heart.

Bypass hopes to be the leading data center in predictive crime.

Bypass not only wants to keep every single person safe, but actually improve cities by alerting councils to crime prone areas and suggest amenities to improve the safety in that area.

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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.


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