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What is Google’s hybrid cloud and should you get on board?

(TECHNOLOGY) Google has launched their hybrid cloud to tackle some of technology’s biggest challenges – should you hop on the beta bandwagon?

google hybrid cloud

Last year, Google announced its Cloud Services Platform, recently given a name – Anthos. This is the tech giant’s first move in incorporating cloud services with data enterprise centers to create a hybrid solution.

Why is Google’s hybrid cloud offering important?

For enterprises, real estate tech companies, and large brokerages, sharing and securing internal and public data is critical. Data centers can provide better security by keeping hardware on-site. Meanwhile, the cloud is more accessible and can be scaled over time, according to current rather than projected need.

Anthos was launched in beta this spring and it is said to now be generally available and compatible with Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS.

Unlike Microsoft’s Azure Stack, Anthos utilizes the popular Google Kubernetes Engine to allow companies to run applications through both cloud platforms which supports containers and their own data centers.

Hybrid cloud adoption typically involves choosing a cloud vendor and buying new hardware. The process can be complex when integrating into established enterprise systems, but Google Anthos is software-based in order to soften a transition.

Anthos is managed by Google—updates and patches will be implemented through the company. Kubernetes applications are available through the Google Cloud Platform as a means to help enterprises moving towards cloud services. Anthos’ features also include Istio, the service mesh used to control and secure traffic flow. Google’s Stackdriver Monitoring service also shows performance health of cloud-powered applications.

Despite the new technology, Google is betting on this model as more companies transition to hybrid clouds.

This is good news for those who have applications and workloads that can’t be supported by the cloud alone. Anthos can streamline management and give enterprises and large companies (or brokerages offering internal or external technology solutions) the option to expand or restructure setups as hybrid models continue to evolve.

Staff Writer, Allison Yano is an artist and writer based in LA. She holds a BFA in Applied Visual Arts and Minor in Writing from Oregon State University, and an MFA in Fine Art from Pratt Institute. Her waking hours are filled with an insatiable love of storytelling, science, and soy lattes.


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