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Could the MLS some day require a fingerprint to log in? HomeSpotter innovates in advance

HomeSpotter TouchID requires a fingerprint for mobile MLS access, adding a layer of security in an increasingly insecure world.

HomeSpotter is a mobile MLS application that provides the benefits of accessing the MLS through a mobile app rather than mobile web.

Let’s face it: Traditional password strategies don’t stand a chance compared to today’s digital landscape where identity is increasingly a critical threat vector. The challenge is complex, complicated not just by rapidly changing user needs, but also by the information they need to access and the devices they use.

Fingerprints required for MLS access

HomeSpotter is an interesting example – a mobile MLS application that provides the benefits of accessing the MLS through a mobile app rather than mobile web. They provide formatting benefits that mobile web does not. According to their site, it also leverages many of the phone’s features, like fingerprint access, location awareness, and many others, to optimize the MLS experience online.

That’s right, fingerprint MLS access.

One Size Fits All?

According to Amy Blackshaw, Manager of product marketing for fraud and risk intelligence with RSA, “One-size-fits-all access and authorization management solutions no longer hold up when users and customers have so many options.”

It’s an issue, feels Blackshaw, of being able to fit the right authentication method to the right user, to the right device, to the right information they are trying to access.

HomeSpotter for example, equips real estate agents to move faster and be more productive in the field. Agents can now sign in to access protected areas of the MLS in HomeSpotter using their fingerprint or PIN code.

Pretty simple?

Aaron Kardell, founder and CEO of HomeSpotter aspires to be at the forefront of mobile innovation in the real estate industry. “We were the first to broadly popularize innovations like augmented reality and the concept of deep MLS access from a mobile app. We are excited to innovate in the area of secure access balancing MLS needs for security and data protection and agents desire to have quick access on the go.”

For its part, HomeSpotter says it is the only vendor to offer these extensive deep MLS integration capabilities for today’s most popular MLS systems (including CoreLogic, Matrix and FBS Flexmls). HomeSpotter may also have been the first mobile app provider to allow agents to edit listings, and upload and manage listing photos on a mobile app.

Clearly, offering a mobile app is a must have for every MLS. The app must allow for listing management and allow agents to invite consumers to the customer servicing solution of the MLS.


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Nearly three decades living and working all over the world as a radio and television broadcast journalist in the United States Air Force, Staff Writer, Gary Picariello is now retired from the military and is focused on his writing career.


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