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ScreenSquid records visitors’ sessions on your site

By installing ScreenSquid’s Javascript or Wordpress plugin, you can start monitoring and recording your site’s visitors, then use their movements to learn more about your own website.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch visitors scroll through your website, and visually see which of your screens are the most effective, ScreenSquid is for you. By installing ScreenSquid’s Javascript or WordPress plugin, you can start monitoring and recording your site’s visitors, then use their movements to learn more about your own website.


Record now, watch later

The great thing about ScreenSquid is that the program actually records your visitors’ actions, so you don’t have to watch in real time. You can check in later to learn why users are having trouble on your site, filter usernames and emails to find out who has visited, and even learn which ads are bringing in the most clickthroughs. If a customer tries to explain a problem or complaint, you can go back and actually watch their interaction on the site so what went wrong at that moment, and how you can help them. If customers leave your website, you can look for a trend – are they all leaving at the same point? Is this something you can change and improve?

Improving the user experience

This is a great tool to improve the UX of your website.

In their own words, “Every recording will help you learn why your users are having trouble. See exactly what they see and everything they’ve done. Recording will explain how you can improve your website experience.”

By spotting the trouble areas of your website, you can improve and eventually increase customer conversions.

Will your customers notice a difference?

ScreenSquid won’t slow down your site at all, so your users won’t even noticed you’ve started using the program. All they’ll know is that you and your team can now help with troubleshooting from the exact moment the problem begins. There’s truly no downside to ScreenSquid, it’s a program that helps both you and your customer.

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