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WriteyDesk is a desk you can write on and not get in trouble for

(TECHNOLOGY NEWS) A new desk stands to increase productivity or, at the least save you a tree load of paper.


Supplies scramble

We’ve all been there before. You’re working at your desk and you get an unexpected phone call. All of the sudden you’re needing to jot down a few quick notes but your plethora of notepads have all miraculously disappeared in your time of need. At this point, I typically use my hand / wrist / entire arm to write down the pertinent info.

Ink stained extremities are thing of the past now with WriteyDesk on the way.

New desks

WriteyDesk hasn’t started mass production yet but is posed to revolutionize your office and productivity.

The desk double-times as a white board making it the perfect place to jot down a few notes or to write your entire manifesto.

The WriteyDesk comes from the creators of the anywhere whiteboard. It is available in birch or in white and is backed by Mark Cuban.

Those kind of already exist

I know what you’re thinking, why would I not just use a regular whiteboard or a glass top desk and use dry erase markers on it? Well WriteyDesk anticipated this question and answers it by letting potential buyers know that their mission is to give everyone dry erase surfaces that are not only easy to use but also don’t throw off the entire groove of a workplace.

“Producing a desk that stands out as a modern workstation while having a seamless dry erase writing surface wasn’t an easy task.”

The WriteyDesk boasts features like an ergonomic height, modern chassis, a 100% dry erase surface, and even an optional bookshelf.

Grab one for yourself

Whether your an artist or an actuary, the WriteyDesk is versatile enough to host a myriad of work. Plus, the makers of WriteyDesk have even figured out their own dry erase markers that are smudge resistent and their own chalk pens that are 100% smudge proof. Clean sleeves for everyone!

Production starts this month and WriteyDesk plans to begin shipping in August. Do you plan on getting one? Leave us a comment!


Written By

Kiri Isaac is the Web Producer at The American Genius and studied communications at Texas A&M. She is fluent in sarcasm and movie quotes and her love language is tacos.


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