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13 secrets, studies, and surprises about productivity


Productivity is difficult in light of recent studies that technology, albeit helpful, is a major interrupter. Check out these tips and tricks to boost your own productivity at work, and reduce your stress levels.


You’re about to get productive up in here!

Don’t tell your competitor, but you’re about to get your productivity into high gear! In the last year, we’ve featured many stories on the science behind productivity, and have uncovered many secrets and surprises, 13 of which we have featured below.

We enjoyed learning that Mad Men had it right, and drinking at work lends to productivity (no, that’s not a joke, you read that correctly), and while most of us won’t run out to buy a fancy crystal decanter, we can focus on other productivity secrets like the recent study that showed home workers to e more productive than office staff.

There are videos, studies, tips and tricks below to get you on the path to productivity, so don’t skip any of these (come on, we’ve already condensed it down for you):

  1. Efficiency secret: being in tune with tech innovations
  2. Study: workers interrupted every 3 minutes by technology, how to stay productive
  3. Study: frequent email checkers are less focused and productive
  4. 12 tips to increase your productivity at work
  5. Scientists say alcohol can raise productivity levels (seriously?)
  6. 10 tips to simplify your work day to avoid burnout
  7. Video: the science behind productivity is more than just motivation
  8. Study: remote workers are more productive than office staff (seriously!)
  9. 5 ways to fight stress at work to keep your composure
  10. Improve your career by improving your brain, it’s easier than you think
  11. What you can learn from college kids about disconnecting and focusing
  12. Which email style is more effective: search or folders?
  13. Video: four habits to adopt for getting more work done

So how productive are you going to be now? You know that you can improve your brain, fight stress, and increase productivity without having to spend a boat load of money or time. Were any of the statistics or methods surprising to you?



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