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history of the internet history of the internet

Tech News

The History of the Internet is fascinating when you take a bird's eye view of the timeline - here's an extremely concise view to...

microsoft spartan microsoft spartan

Tech News

Microsoft wants you to meet Project Spartan, their new, enhanced browser and the end of Internet Explorer?

digital trends digital trends

Business Marketing

(Business Marketing) Marketing to Millennials is often misunderstood, but there are some fundamentals every brand must understand in order to properly reach this young...

google wallet google wallet

Business Finance

The Google Wallet concept is simple: give your smartphone the ability to replace your wallet. Eliminate the need for cash, plastic, and rewards cards...

middlemen middlemen

Opinion Editorials

The internet has ushered in the era of dying middlemen, yet the web has given rise to even more middlemen in real estate as...

internet explorer 9 internet explorer 9


Save time and increase productivity by knowing the tricks of Internet Explorer 9 by using accelerators.


The browser wars are still hot and recently, Internet Explorer has made some gains globally, despite a stigma the company has been trying to...

Tech News

There are two sides to every story and people buying real estate online is no exception. We met a man in Starbucks last week...

How to

My office has seen a slew of new agents join in the last 6 months.  I suspect it’s largely due to the heavy recruitment...

Tech News

If you’re still using Internet Explorer, you should quit. Not only because hipsters in coffee shops will scoff at it but because it’s so...

Housing News

Thanks to each of you (both Agent Genius contributors and readers) who have made this point before… the internet and blogging are just TOOLS,...

Housing News

Remember when a social network was you local high school’s PTA meeting? Maybe it was running into a neighbor at the grocery store and...

How to

I am not an SEO genius… …but, between the articles here and my own experiences, I’ve figured out a few things that work for...

Tech News

You may have heard that a DC federal court issued a ruling last week challenging the FCC’s decision in 2008 to tell internet service...

Social Media

… or it rains, or it’s windy? How in the world could I ignore commercials with bubbles floating the skies of downtown, boasting Super...

Housing News

More time online A new poll released today by Harris Interactive reveals that adult internet users now average 13 hour per week online (which...

Housing News

It’s almost my anniversary. My first post on AgentGenius arrived on September 22, 2008. By my calendar (which I sure hope is the same...

Business Marketing

I’ve had my share of luck in my life, most of it good luck, so generally I live with an expectation that things will...

Opinion Editorials

               I just had this random unfinished thought about social media. Though I’m not really sure what social...

smart bulbs smart bulbs

Real Estate Technology

(TECH NEWS) It turns out that Internet of Things, like smart bulbs in homes, are not secure and give up your info - here...

autumn internet of things autumn internet of things

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Autumn offers a streamlined dashboard combining the power of big data with the ever-growing data bank of the Internet of Things.

wigwag wigwag


WigWag helps connect the Internet of Things and automate your life safely without your having to learn any code or complex theory.


Opinion Editorials

(EDITORIAL) Virtual private networks (VPN), have always been valuable, but now, more than ever, entrepreneurs and businesses really should have them.

multi-screen tracking technologies multi-screen tracking technologies

Tech News

(TECHNOLOGY) The digital revolution of the past few decades has brought us many life-altering, innovative technologies, but these 7 take the cake.

Man shouting obscenities representing buzzwords in tech Man shouting obscenities representing buzzwords in tech

Opinion Editorials

(OPINION) As the language of tech ebbs and flows, there are linguistic potholes so over-used, so annoying, they make you want to scream. Here's...

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