Indeed President, Chris Hyams tells us #WhyAustin [video]

An honest look at doing biz in Austin

#WhyAustin is a special ongoing series featuring interviews with business leaders, politicians, and even outsiders. We’re taking a meaningful look at what makes Austin great while honestly examining the challenges our business and startup culture has.

Instead of talking about how Austin graces nearly every desirable Top 10 list ever published, we’re asking some of the most relevant names in business to opine. We’re interviewing company founders, politicians, startup investors, programmers, artists, musicians, and we’ve even interviewed leaders outside of Austin for their perspective. That is how you get honest feedback, folks.

VIDEO: #WhyAustin interview with Chris Hyams

In the video above, we chat with Indeed President, Chris Hyams, who opens up about what makes Austin great while realistically addressing the challenges:

More leaders on Austin:

Here are some of the other locals we’ve chatted with:


texas senator kirk watson


q manning #whyaustin

collin slattery #WhyAustin

bronko box brooke cox

chris treadaway

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Special thanks to our friends at StoryCraft for their phenomenal videography skills!


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