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The American Genius Real EstateThe American Genius Real Estate
family representing shadowing clients family representing shadowing clients


When it comes to moving, the phrase “the devil’s in the details” can take on a whole new meaning. Most people have adjusted to...

people at a bar representing good brand marketing people at a bar representing good brand marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing is essential to any successful business. However, more often than not, this requires some sort of advertising budget. If your business is just...

Person holding phone representing technology Person holding phone representing technology


I am known as a technologist. An avowed geek. An unapologetic adopter of shiny new objects. My passion is finding out how technology –...

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AG on PropTech

zillow opendoor

Real Estate Corporate

Is Opendoor and Zillow's simple team up worth any of the hype or critique it's getting? Let's examine the partnership.

opendoor ftc opendoor ftc

Real Estate Corporate

Opendoor has been fined millions for their claims of "more accurate offers and lower costs." The FTC says the opposite is true.

Justin Mercer with kids, who is challenging realtors everywhere to be authentic Justin Mercer with kids, who is challenging realtors everywhere to be authentic

Real Estate Corporate

Realtors get a bad rap for being 'boring' and 'salesy,' but this tatted agent is challenging the status quo, and doing a good job...

Empty office REX Homes Empty office REX Homes

Real Estate Corporate

After two rounds of layoffs, a restructure to join MLSs, and swirling rumors regarding leadership, staffers tell us the company has crumbled.

AG Real Estate Opinion

Two people high-fiving, representing trust


The key to a good relationship with your clients is trust - so how do establish it within the first few minutes of meeting?...

talkspace mental health talkspace mental health


There are virtually hundreds of apps available to help you deal with mental health problems. Here are 10 good services which can help you...

Woman leaning against window expressing stress Woman leaning against window expressing stress


Telling someone to chill when stressed at work is useless advice, so let's discuss meaningful, tangible ways anyone can stress less at work.

productive desk productive desk


(EDITORIAL) Being a productive, clean person is nowhere near as difficult as it sounds - start with these simple steps focused on reduction in...

AG on Tech Tools

writing pen paper productivity

Real Estate Technology

As the old method of pen-to-paper planning comes back in style, see how its use can help you with time management.

Person working at desk representing AI usage. Person working at desk representing AI usage.

Real Estate Technology

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but it’s more than just for real estate – it’s poised to reshape the entire industry. To stay relevant, Realtors,...

madhur ai text-to-speech app madhur ai text-to-speech app

Real Estate Technology

The Madhur AI text-to-speech app is unique in the sense that it can not only read text docs, but also image-to-text.

graphene graphene

Real Estate Technology

The tech world is paying close attention to the strongest material around, and its path to production looks a lot like plastics (which were...

AG on Realtor Associations

realtor earnings communicative

National Association of Realtors

Communication is key in any relationship, but even more so when it's the Realtor/Client relationship. Here's why.

realtor new MLS rules realtor new MLS rules

Real Estate Associations

The NAR Board has approved new MLS rules to improve transparency for consumers, all set to take effect in just a few weeks.

Mentor speaking with his mentee over mentorship video. Mentor speaking with his mentee over mentorship video.

Real Estate Associations

(REAL ESTATE) It's been a long time coming, but the call for mentorship in real estate has been realized thanks to the new NAR...

realtor safety network realtor safety network

Real Estate Associations

(REAL ESTATE) NAR has launched the meaningful Realtor Safety Network - here is a personal story, and an exclusive interview with NAR CEO, Bob...


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