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Surefield’s new Pricepoint tool could be a Zestimate killer

From the people that brought us the 3D virtual home tour comes another genius tool – Pricepoint, market analytics without commitment.

Surefield is a Seattle-based real estate brokerage with a knack for empowering consumers. The firm first began breaking trends with their 3D home tours technology, which allows homebuyers to virtually walk through properties without an agent. With this increased online exposure, potential buyers can discover many worthwhile properties on their own, and dramatically reduce their commission costs.


Surefield does it again

Surefield has kept consumers in mind with the launch of Pricepoint, its newest online tool available for pricing houses, condos, and townhomes in Washington state. Pricepoint gives potential buyers a free, accurate, and dependable method for valuing homes without relying on pricing tools like Zestimate, which calculate prices using unknown formulas.

Pricepoint gives an honest look at the market

Pricepoint is straightforward and easy to operate for the average person. By just typing a residential address into Pricepoint, consumers will automatically receive information about similar listings in the area. The listings include houses that have recently sold in the specific area, and competitive houses that are currently on the market. The online tool will generate a home value based on the price of these comparable listings.


In-depth analytics for the consumer

Pricepoint presents analytics that make it easy to analyze comparable homes based on data about price, square footage, yard size, the number of baths by bedrooms, the number of days on the market, and more. Potential buyers can also look through pictures of each home to compare amenities.

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The pricing tool’s in-depth analytics make it easy for consumers to quickly identify any outliers within their radius of comparable homes. Since outliers can skew the results of pricing formulas, consumers are able to simply click ‘exclude’ to eliminate any outliers from Pricepoint’s home value calculations.

Cutting out the middle man

With Pricepoint, buyers and sellers can now find the true value of homes without involving a real estate agent or entering personal information online. Consumers don’t have to worry about becoming a lead for agents. Users can rest assured that they won’t have to battle phone calls and inquires from agents hoping to make a sale.

Consumer empowerment

Consumers are in control with Surefield’s newest tool. Pricepoint empowers buyers and sellers to make their own price valuations, and stay educated with data about recently sold and competitive properties. By allowing consumers to make meaningful comparisons on their own, Pricepoint is sure to impact how consumers approach buying and selling. Pricepoint’s effect on Seattle’s real estate market in 2016 will be well worth tracking—these are big changes for the industry.


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Hannah is currently a writer and student in Colorado Springs, pursuing her master's degree in Creative Writing at the University of Denver. Before becoming a Staff Writer for the American Genius, Hannah wrote website content and grant applications for a law office in central Minnesota.


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