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6 apps that take your productivity from 0 to 100, real quick

Person on computer being productive.

The only thing harder than actually succeeding is the productivity and hard work that precedes it. Especially in this era, where productivity is minimized to mobile phone screens, and little reaction time.

Thanks to technology and ever evolving needs, we now have apps that take advantage of mobile screens and limited reaction time; making productivity easier and more accessible. With the following apps, there’s no excuse why we can’t reach optimal productivity daily, both individually and amongst teams.

1. Habitica

Habitica is a productivity tool like nothing you’ve ever seen: It turns your daily stresses and to do lists into games you have to conquer both on the computer and in real life. If you don’t meet your goals, your character begins to digress and subsequently lose. The coolest part though, is the accountability feature for friends and strangers alike who need extra motivation; vying for who’s the most productive.

It may sound silly, but try putting a little bit of gamification in your life if nothing else has worked.


2. Immediately

The window of time you have to close a sale, can be extremely small and easy to miss; but Immediately helps by alerting you when a lead opens your email, therefore giving you the ability to respond and follow up when necessary, or immediately.

It works seamlessly with your schedule to pick prime meeting times for both you and client. The most convenient part though, is the fact that it allows you to incorporate your existing email templates, so no need to waste time and craft templates from scratch.

3. Asana

As you probably know, managing individual productivity is challenging, and group productivity even harder; Asana understands and works to make group work easier. Equipped with an unique calendar feature that allows task sharing and management among groups, it’s the perfect tool to make sure your team is working efficiently.

It also comes with an easy to use interface, and entire section for team conversation where users can make announcements, share information, and discuss projects.

4. Hello Focus

With 100 percent productivity being a mere miracle (especially in a team setting) Hello Focus aims to deliver that miracle with their organized to do list app.

It works first by only showing you the top priority task, instead of an entire list; this prevents you from mental overload and granting you focus on what’s most important. It also comes with a highly beneficial Gantt chart that allows you to view all parts of a project. With this, you can check the progress of specific areas, see what’s working, what is not, and come up with a resolution before the issue escalates. File sharing and email live within the interface, are also usefl features.

5. DayDeed

Day Deed is a free app that helps you set “habits that stick,” no matter what those habits are.

It does this with a giant comprehensive, customizable calendar with a focus on metrics. When you add a task you have the option of tracking it numerically or with “yes/no.” For example, if you want to track if you did something, like complete your financial report, you can use “yes/no.” If you want to meet a specific number of squats, you can use “numerical” as a tracking option. The app is flexible, possibly difficult to grasp at first, but an essential resource if you can conquer all of the options.

6. Gratitude Journal

Did you know that gratitude improves your health, immune system, sleeping habits, and stress levels? Numerous studies prove that it helps with all of the aforementioned, along with improving self confidence, relationships, and productivity.

The Gratitude Journal is an app that works by making gratitude a daily habit; every day you enter five good things about your day. The app then reminds you of those good things, so they subsequently become routine.

It’s like a private journal, but can be shared across social media at your own discretion. It costs 99 cents, a portion of which goes toward various charities. This is an excellent tool to remind you of what you’re thankful for.

Now, knowing what you know, I challenge you to choose an app and see how it works for you. What’s the worst that can happen? Higher productivity (said no one ever)?


Lani is the COO and News Director at The American Genius, has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH, Austin Digital Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.


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