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Analysts forecast Sears as the next big box...

Feb 25, 20151 Comment

Sears has hemorrhaged money of late, and creditors are grumbling that their days are numbered, but does Sears have tricks up their sleeve?

target organic food

Target is set to double their organic food ...

Feb 25, 20152 Comments

Under new leadership, Target is making big changes, and their Made to Matter initiative could expose many to organic foods they otherwise wouldn't have had


West Coast port debacle comes to a close, b...

Feb 25, 2015No Comments

As the months-long standoff that crippled West Coast port activity, an agreement has been reached, but many businesses will suffer regardless.

yelp lawsuit

Yelp acquires Eat24, their delivery system ...

Feb 13, 20152 Comments

(Business News) Yelp has swallowed up Eat24, and their fledgling delivery service just got legit. Here's why you should be as excited as we are.

hallmark in JCPenney stores

JCPenney to add Hallmark mini-stores for sh...

Feb 11, 2015No Comments

JCPenney has had great success with mini-stores with Sephora, and a hot pilot program with Hallmark that has turned into a full-fledged partnership.

urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters step in it again, this tim...

Feb 11, 2015No Comments

Yet again, Urban Outfitters has shoppers demanding that an item be removed from their stores due to it being offensive. What is it about this

lip smacker

Lip Smacker: yet another 90s brand bites th...

Jan 31, 2015No Comments

(Business News) Lip Smacker has announced that their days are numbered, but does this mean the brand is dead, or will production continue?


Gap’s Piperlime brand bites the dust, wil...

Jan 26, 2015No Comments

(Business News) Gap has a new CEO in charge of shaking things up, and one of his first big moves is shuttering one of the


What is experiential marketing and how can ...

Jan 23, 20151 Comment

(Marketing News) Experiential marketing is not a new concept but is still not mainstream, so let's talk about what exactly the phrase means and how

target canada

Target gets a new CEO: first order of busin...

Jan 14, 20152 Comments

(Business News) Target lands a hotshot CEO after their major security breach, and his first order of business is to break up with Canada. Nice.

wet seal

First Delia’s, now Wet Seal on the ch...

Jan 11, 20153 Comments

(Business News) Wet Seal is the latest brand shutting down, but why are these 90s icons failing despite 90s fashion being so hot right now?


Starbucks to begin delivery service in 2015...

Oct 31, 20141 Comment

(Business News) Starbucks says they'll be sending your java jitters right to your door starting next year. Here's what we know about it thus far.