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37 Pinterest resources to jump start social media efforts

Pinterest had a banner year, and a lot of changes have been made to the site as web traffic skyrocketed. Since its launch, it has become a common marketing tool all professionals should know about.

pinterest twitter

pinterest twitter

Pinterest has exploded, now a common marketing tool

Visual bookmarking site, Pinterest, has exploded in the last year going from a buzzword enthusiastically rolling off of marketers’ tongues to a common staple in their arsenal. But it’s not just marketers that have taken note, it’s every day business professionals that have found innovative ways to reach consumers through Pinterest. There are many myths surrounding the site, while there are many ways to do business, so let us take a look at not only best practices, but tools and tips to make Pinterest work for your business, while also looking at updates that have been made to the site.

Getting into Pinterest

Whether new to the site or a veteran, you’ll surely learn something about implementing Pinterest as a tool for your business in the following articles on the topic:

  1. Pinterest formally opens its doors to business users
  2. Anatomy of Pinterest and ideas for using the site for business
  3. How to earn influence on Pinterest
  4. Top 3 myths about Pinterest debunked
  5. Pinterest image size cheat sheet
  6. To follow or not to follow others on Pinterest
  7. How 7 brands are marketing on Pinterest
  8. What happens when you close your Pinterest account
  9. Wildly creative use for Pinterest: soliciting employers

Pinterest statistics that will inspire you

Pinterest had an explosive year, and from the very beginning of 2012, it was obvious that it would continue to grow and break barriers.

  1. Pinterest referral traffic surgest past StumbleUpon and even Twitter
  2. UK proves Pinterest can attract men and wealthy users
  3. Pinterest users’ time on site nearly matches YouTube
  4. Pinterest now drives as much web traffic as Twitter
  5. Who is worth more? Twitter, Yelp, or Facebook users?

Pinterest news and culture

If you’re like many professionals who signed up for Pinterest long ago but forgot it existed, it’s time to take another look, because the site has made quite a few changes.

  1. Pinterest imposes a character limmit on captions
  2. Pinterest launches Profile Pages
  3. Pinterest now supports YouTube and Vimeo videos
  4. Pinterest addressing copyright issues head on
  5. Pinterest teams up with Flickr, signaling improved attribution
  6. Pinterest sneaks in a much needed makeover
  7. Pinterest covertly swaps out your links for affiliate links
  8. Hey Pinterest, who is Mike? Why am I stuck liking him?
  9. Phishing scammers discover Pinterest: how to spot a scam
  10. Anatomy of Pinterest’s poor communication and hatred of men
  11. How Pinterest reminds us the web is for adults only
  12. Why Pinterest is about to explode again
  13. Private Pinterest boards launch, dubbed “secret boards”
  14. Pinterest photos now visible in Twitter streams

Pinterest tools

Pinterest is useful in and of itself, but it’s great to know there are tools around to make your Pinterest experience even better!

  1. MapQuest makes maps pinnable
  2. Pin-a-quote allows you to pin text on Pinterest
  3. Pinerly is a dashboard for Pinterest stats, scheduled pins

Pinterest clones and knockoffs

We have predicted some will succeed and others will fall, but with the rise in popularity of Pinterest, dozens of clones popped up:

  1. 33 Pinterest knockoffs for your perusal
  2. Pinterest vs. alternative 20Blinks
  3. As predicted, Pinterest clone, Pinspire has failed
  4. Pinstagram is a Pinterest clone that might actually succeed

Bonus Pinterest commentary

Early on, we called for Pinterest to make dozens of improvements, and many have come true, but some have not, meaning there are still some annoyances that could be fixed:

  1. 30 improvements Pinterest should make
  2. 12 more improvements Pinterest should make

Lani is the COO and News Director at The American Genius, has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH, Austin Digital Jobs, Remote Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.

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